Bettershot vs. Secta AI
Why are so many
people turning to

We created Bettershot because tools like Secta AI, while cool in their own way, were still way too expensive for the average professional looking for a quick, easy alternative to traditional photography.

No fuss AI headshots

Professionals tell us that Secta AI can be confusing and overwhelming to use. Compared to Bettershot's simple three step process you can get more high-quality headshots, easier.
  • Professional, realistic corporate photos

  • Studio quality fine tuning

  • Done in just 2 hours

No hidden charges

With Bettershot you get 120 studio-quality headshots for just $29. Secta AI's package starts at $49 and require you to buy additional credits 😔
  • 24/7 access to customer support

  • 100% money back guarantee

  • Sensible pricing for individuals and teams

Customizable options

Sit outside of a cafe on Slack.
Use the city as your backdrop on Zoom.
Or, button yourself up in the boardroom.
Show off a new ‘you’ wherever you choose.
  • Over 100 headshot options

  • Choose your background and outfit combinations

  • High-resolution downloads without watermarks

Loved by industry leaders everywhere

"I started a new career as a professional counsellor and needed headshots quickly. All of the other options came at a high cost that I just couldn't justify spending. I found Bettershot, and was super happy with the results."

headshot example tom slocum
Keisha Virago
Owner, Keisha Virago Integrative Counselling


AI Headshots are a fraction of the cost of traditional photoshoots, and way less of a headache

High quality results at affordable prices.


per person

Done within 2 hours

120 stunning headshots

4k high resolution photos

100% money back garantee

Team Plans

Buying headshots for your whole team?

Reduced pricing

Flexible based on team size

120 Stunning Headshots (each)

Loved by thousands

100% money back garantee

Easy and Fast AI Headshots

Can Bettershot really get me my results in 2 hours?

We sure can. In most cases, we get it to you faster than that!
Just upload your photos from your phone or laptop, and within a short time you’ll receive 120 studio quality photos. 

Modern Corporate Headshots

Okay, I'm ready to try

Great! In just three simple steps, you'll get 120 headshots sent to your email without having to hire a photographer. No hair, no makeup, no outfits to have to pick out. And as a thank you for making it all this down the page, use the code ‘SECTAAI’ at checkout to get an extra few bucks off 😉

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